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10pcslot ,BX120-6AA resistance strain gauge No. 110, Free Shipping

Price: 9 USD

1PCS X MQ-5 LPG Natural Gas Town Gas Sensor Module Gas Detects for free shipping

Price: 8 USD

20PCS X 27mm Piezo Ceramic Element with cable 15mm free shipping D27

Price: 8.8 USD

10PCS ,[ Promotion] a large supply of Russian MKA 2x10mm magnetic reed switch : MKA10110, Free Shipping

Price: 8 USD

10PCS reed contacts : HYR1056 size 1.8X10MM normally open, Free Shipping

Price: 8 USD

10PCS ,American Standex Reed : TS100 length 21MM diameter 2.5MM glass imported reed, Free Shipping

Price: 8 USD

10PCS ,Cheap promotional Domestic normally open reed pipe magnetron tube length 4X28mm Green Spot, Free Shipping

Price: 8 USD

2PCS X flame sensor fire fighting robot smart car sensor module with 4pcs cable free shipping

Price: 7 USD

30PCS lot ,9 * 7mm microphone electret condenser headset microphone pickup 9767, Free Shipping

Price: 7.2 USD

20pcs x 15CM Piezo Ceramic Element with cable 15CM free shipping D151014

Price: 7 USD

SMD tantalum capacitors 330UF 337C 16V D -type (7343 = 7.3 * 4.3MM) AVX Crown store, Free Shipping

Price: 6 USD

The original wire rico optical fiber sensor FR-610 FRS-310 FRS-410 FR610

Price: 24.5 USD

13.56MHZ patch 3225 3.2*2.5 13.560M original

Price: 17.23 USD

DIP AT89C51-24PU AT89C51-24PI DIP-40 single-chip high-quality franchise

Price: 18.03 USD

25MHZ 25M 25.000MHZ 5070 7050 Active Chip 5 * 7mm 5x7 OSC Oscillator

Price: 8.53 USD

Chip active crystal 5032 24MHZ 3.3V OSC 5.0 * 3.0 original authentic

Price: 9.13 USD

Active Chip Crystal OSC 5x7 5 * 7 5070 83.333MHZ 83.333M Optical Frequency

Price: 9.13 USD