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Free shipping 1PCS Loadcell Strain Gauge Amplifier output RS485

Price: 40 USD

Infrared tube -beam photoelectric switch infrared sensor QT50CM detection distance 50CM

Price: 37 USD

Infrared photoelectric switch E3JK-DS30C1, transistor output NPN,free shipping

Price: 35 USD

GY-85 sensor modules 6DOF 9DOF IMU SENSOR

Price: 30 USD

The strain gauge pressure sensor for floor scale load cell electronic scale sensor 250KG 500kg 1000kg 2000kg

Price: 28 USD

200W 10A Adjustable CC CV Step Down Buck Converter DC 7-32V for Battery LED

Price: 5.95 USD

White 1.3" I2C IIC Serial 128X64 OLED LCD Display Module /M32/AVR

Price: 5.86 USD

5A Auto Step Up/Down Regulator Module with Constant Current Function Regulator adjustable power supply voltage regulator

Price: 5.63 USD

1PCS X ,Flooding leak sensor alarm sensor detector alarm relay switch rail, Free Shipping

Price: 24 USD

RS485 communication module RS485 module SP485 RS485 TTL module communication module

Price: 5.7 USD

W1301 panel installation intelligent digital display thermostat temperature control plate high temperature alarm 0.1 (C4A5)

Price: 5.56 USD

5PCS x MQ4 MQ-4 natural gas methane sensor module Module

Price: 20 USD

20PCS X ,3.579545MHz active Crystal Oscillatorss ( SMD 5 * 7 7050) 3.579MHZ legs,Free Shipping

Price: 19 USD

Ultrasonic sensor ,Military quality ultrasonic sensors XNQ40-18B ( one ) ultrasonic distance sensor 18MM 40KHZ

Price: 17 USD

Inductive proximity switches LJ12A3-2-ZAX NPN normally closed three-wire detection distance 2 mm,free shipping

Price: 15 USD

FREE SHIPPING 10PCS/LOT 0.84" inch 96*16 9616 14Pins 14P Blue OLED Display Module UG-9616TLBBG02

Price: 65 USD

Smart Electronics Leonardo R3 ATmega32u4 Development Board with USB Cable for arduino DIY Kit

Price: 7.18 USD